Maptician Care Initiative

Helping shelters and community organizations during and after COVID-19

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We were recently asked if Maptician could help a local homeless shelter plan for the COVID-19 crisis, and while Maptician was built to help businesses manage office space, we realized that it could definitely also help shelters. We agreed to provide Maptician to them at no cost.

This got us thinking that there must be many similar shelters, clinics and aid organizations working to provide care to greater numbers than ever before. So we decided to create some new Maptician tools to help support these organizations. These new features include beds with distancing, points of interest like hand sanitizer and respirators, new dashboard widgets, and more.

We're calling the module "Maptician Care", and we are providing it free of charge through the end of 2020 to small/medium homeless shelters, women's shelters, community organizations, and clinics. Basically, any group serving their communities during this pandemic and needing to get the most out of their facilities. No sales pitches, no credit cards, no subscriptions.

All of Maptician's core features are included, such as occupant tracking, efficiency metrics, scenario planning, reservation systems, and many, many more.

We're a small software company but we're happy to be able to do our part to assist organizations that are helping some of the most vulnerable people in our communities.

Bed / Furniture Layouts

We've added tools to quickly create multiple bed layout configurations and to find the best fit for any space. Easy as drag-and-drop.

Customizable distance measurements around each bed to check position against current CDC guidelines. Size/color can be changed to for different categories or changing guidelines.

Track usage in real time. Assignments are fully traceable - find out who was assigned where, on what day, and who was around them.

Map Editor with Beds
Dorm Assignments

Assign Occupants

Drag and drop occupants onto beds on desktop or tablet devices. Automatically see a list of unassigned individuals, then drag from that sortable/filterable list straight onto the map.

Occupants are easily created within Maptician, either in bulk, or individually. You only need a name - though pictures can be helpful if available (and can be taken/uploaded straight from the mobile app). Additional information can also be added and tracked, and beds can be restricted to specified categories of occupants.

Create multiple scenarios to try out different configurations or to have contingency plans at the ready.

Interactive DashboardsCustomizable with 20+ widgets

Get live thumbnail maps of all your space (can flip between floors/locations). Click to drill-down into locations on the full map, or to get further detail from table-based data.

Maptician dashboards are highly configurable and can be indivualized to each user, along with limits based on user role and permission level. Fully touch-compatible and very intuitive for tablet-based use.

Request Maptician Care Access

We will set up your environment and send your login information to the email provided below. We should have your environment ready within 2-4 hours if requested during business hours EST.

Volunteer Floor Plan Creation

Typically, the most time consuming and technically challenging part of setting up an organization on Maptician is the initial map creation. While the map editor is designed to be easy to use (while still providing highly accurate floor plans), there will always be complexity inherent in building a good floor plan. It also takes time and focus to acheive a high level of quality and accuracy, and it's understandable that individuals working at these centers may not have the time or experience to create the most effective maps.

The Maptician team would like to extend an open invitation to architects, designers, space planners, and their firms, to volunteer some of their time during the pandemic or its aftermath to help create floor plans for the organizations using Maptician Care. We can provide initial training on our floor plan editing tools, and will provide recognition to every person and company that assists on our site. Any maps created in this process will be provided to the shelter, clinic, or other aid organization without charge of any kind.

After some brief training, it is our experience that maps usually take between 4 and 10 hours to build, depending on size, complexity, source material, and the level of detail and accuracy required. We expect to prioritize getting workable maps in place over aesthetics given the urgency of the situation.

We appreciate any help we can get in this initiative. Our sincere hope is that providing access to effective space management tools will allow these organizations to add an element of order to what has to be a chaotic environment, and hopefully result in a positive impact on the populations they're serving.

Volunteer to Create Floor Plans

We will reach out to the email address provided to communicate the next steps, such as training and the creation process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for the free Maptician Care program?

Right now, we are opening the program up to small(ish) organizations who may be facing space capacity and management challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These include, but are not limited to, homeless shelters, women's shelters, clinics, small hospitals, and other community-based organizations.

Is this really free for all of 2020? Are there hidden fees?

Yes, it's free. Maptician is providing free and complete access to its cloud-based space management platform to eligable organizations through the end of 2020. No credit card or subscription required.

What is the approval process? What is required?

Organizations will be required to submit information about their size, location, and intended use, and we will use this information to determine eligibility. Our philosophy is to err on the side of granting access given the current situation.

What do you mean by small organizations? Is there a size cut-off for this program?

Our goal with Maptician Care is to help organizations that are trying to manage facilities of 125 or fewer beds, seats, or occupants. We're not putting hard limits on any of these in the system, and we're certainly not going to deny or revoke access to groups that are a bit over this threshold.

Are there limitations on what the application can handle?

The Maptician platform itself can handle thousands of occupants and millions of square feet of space per environment, so it is unlikely that any application limitations will be reached. It is recommended that for best performance, individual maps should be limited to 300 or fewer tracked individuals or 100,000 sq.ft. Larger facilities can be split into multiple maps which can be organized within a single location for tracking and reporting.

Can organizations outside of the United States apply for this program?

Yes, this program is available to organizations outside of the United States. However, Maptician is not currently GDPR compliant (or other non-US data privacy regulation compliant), and so any use of Maptician outside of the United States must not include data which is subject to local data privacy laws.

How do I get my floor plan in Maptician? Is there an upload option?

Maptician was built around a proprietary, web-based map engine that allows for live, interactive maps to be created, used, and analyzed in an essentially unlimited number of ways and with a high degree of performance and flexibility. This flexibility allowed us to quickly create this set of tools to extend our office space planning suite to be used for shelters, clinics, etc.. Many of these features would simply not be possible using an image underlay or a "dumb dwg" import. The trade-off though, is that floor plans must be created within a Maptician environment.

Are you able to provide assistance with map creation?

We are not able to provide direct map creation assistance as part of the Maptician Care program, though we are making a set of manuals and instructional videos available to allow organizations to create their own floor plans. |

We are also working to partner with firms and individuals who have experience in architecture, space planning, design, or other similar fields, who may be willing to donate some of their time to help with map creation and planning.

Are the mobile and tablet apps included?

Maptician is a PWA (Progressive Web Application) and can provide "native-like" experience on desktops and mobile devices. This means that Maptician can be installed on your mobile desktop from a mobile browser and run in a stand-alone mode.

How long does it take to create an environment?

Environments should be available the same day they are requested. We're based out of Alpharetta, Georgia, so our general hours of operation are 8:00 - 5:00 EST. Configuration of an environment after it's running primarily involves 1) importing occupant lists 2) Map Creation 3) Occupant Assignment. For a single location with a basic map, this whole process can be completed within a day.

Will Maptician employees be able to access my account?

Maptician support staff may access your environment for troubleshooting purposes. This may occur in the event of reported bugs, detected unusual activity, or if the service detects problems stemming from your environment.

How many user accounts will I get?

We're requesting that organizations in the Maptician Care program limit their environments to 10 user accounts. While our traditional office space implementations of Maptician often include user accounts for every occupant in a space, we don't believe the occupant access features are critical for the Maptician Care mission, and limiting the number of users allows us to provide this service to a greater number of organizations.

What will happen to the accounts after 2020?

We certainly hope that the COVID-19 crisis will be over by then, and that overall needs will have returned to more normal levels and so many of these accounts will no longer be needed. However, for those who want to maintain access to Maptician, we will most likely offer a low cost subscription to keep the accounts active. This would be based on organization size and would be priced with consideration given to non-profits and other charitable organizations.

What about organizations larger than 125 beds?

Our goal in providing this program free to smaller facilities is to give them access to tools that they may not otherwise have the resources to procure. For larger organizations who need more capacity, we are able to offer these tools at a reduced rate compared our typical subscription plans, but as a small business ourselves we are simply unable to open this free offering up to the broader group of large organizations.

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