An interactive smart-map solution to visually manage your workplace and its occupants

  • Plan for a Safe Return to Office using our interactive distancing tools, system-wide contact tracing, and pre-screen health surveys
  • Gain In-Depth Insights on how your space is being used, costs, and potential areas for improvement.
  • Engage Your Employees with mobile and web-based access, allowing them to find one another and reserve office facilities.

What is Maptician?

Maptician is a cloud-based application that helps organizations better understand and manage their workplaces. In addition to traditional seating charts, Maptician includes automated desk hoteling, group-based scheduling, live directories, and a visually appealing and data-rich map interface.

Our mission is to provide workplace and occupancy management software that is easy to use, quick to implement, and provides ongoing value for your entire organization. Our subscription plans are simple, affordable, and include full access to our growing features list. We believe that organizations of all sizes should have access to powerful tools to get the most out of their spaces and keep their employees happy and healthy.

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What makes Maptician different?


We have refined our interface to be inuitive, engaging, and feel more like a consumer app than a typical business application.


Getting up and running on Maptician can take less than a week and take little or no IT involvement.

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We believe in simple, affordable licenses that provide full access to all Maptician features for companies of all sizes.

Maptician Solutions to Meet Your Goals

A Safe Return to Office

Maptician includes tools to help employees use their office safely, including interactive distancing, contact tracing, and pre-screen surveys.

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Insights into Your Space

Maptician provides in-depth insights into how your space is being used, who is using it, what it costs, and areas for potential improvements.

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Engage Your Employees

Maptician includes mobile and web tools that enable employees to find one another, engage with their co-workers, and locate and reserve office facilities.

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