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Maptician FlexTM is now available as part of Maptician's workplace management platform, and provides features such as social distancing, staggered scheduling, and contact tracing to help enable a Post-COVID-19 workplace.

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New Virginia COVID-19 Regulation

Virginia has become the first state to enact OSHA requirements related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Maptician can help businesses with many of these new requirements. Click below for an overview of the new requirements and how Maptician can help.

Virginia Information

Maptician Flex Features

Maptician Flex offers features designed to help organizations reopen their locations safely, and to operate them efficiently in a Post-COVID-19 environment.

Social Distancing Analysis

Interactive social distancing tools provide instant visualizations and highlight social distancing proximity risks.

Staggered Work Schedules

Flex scheduling allows groups of employees to have alternating day or week schedules, reducing office density. Flex also allows for staggered arrival/departure times.

Proximity Contact Tracing

If an employee tests positive for COVID-19, automatically identify individuals who had been in close proximity to this person.

Social Distancing Analysis

Identify potential proximity risks in an office using Maptician's social distancing rings. These distancing rings react to their surroundings, showing distancing requirements only where there is a direct path (i.e. walls are considered barriers to transmission).

Distancing measurements are fully configurable, and can utilize a single standard for all occupants, or provide for larger areas for at-risk individuals.

Control the visibility of the distance rings. Have them only visible as an administrative planning tool, or make them available to all users.

Social Distancing Visualizations
Staggered Seating Schedules

Staggered Scheduling

Separate a location's employees into two or more groups which can be configured to work in the office in alternating schedules, effectively reducing the density of the office and providing additional room for social distancing and mitigating some contagion risk.

Employees are easily able to locate their co-workers on the Maptician directory, and determine when they will be in the office next and where they will be.

Allows for a coordinated approach to staggered schedules, while allowing managers and departments to have input on the timing and composition of the scheduled groups.

Proximity Contact Tracing

Administrators have access to the Contact Tracing dashboard widget which identifies individuals who may have come into contact with an individual who has tested positive for COVID-19 (or similar contagious disease). The list of potential contacts includes their distance from the target individual, contact information, and can be exported to Excel or CSV.

The contact tracing tool identifies potential contacts based on a configurable proximity range (from 5 to 200 ft) or can be set to identify all individuals on the same floor, suite, or office location. Contacts only include individuals who were scheduled to be in the office at the same time as the target person.

The tracing tool defaults to a 2-week lookback period, but this can be expanded or adjusted to fit the specific circumstances.

Contact Tracing for Occupants

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Maptician's Core Features

Maptician is easy to use and quick to implement, but it also offers powerful features that provide insight into your company's office environments and help to manage your space more efficiently.

Seat Assignment Manager

Drag and drop employee images onto and within a map to easily update your seating charts, directory, and capacity metrics.

Scenario Planner

Create seating, furniture, or build-out scenarios in a flexible sandboxed environment. Collaborate and compare scenarios, then implement a final version.

Desk Reservation/Hoteling

Let employees find and reserve desks on mobile or web, allowing for efficient, flexible, and measurable use of your office space.

Customizable Dashboards

Get the information you need all in one place. From key metrics to interactive floorplan thumbnails, Maptician's dashboards are a great source of office information.

Analytics and Reporting

Perform data exploration with our interactive analytics views. Identify trends, inefficiencies, and visualize your data with ease. Run interactive reports by office, department or an entire organization.

Floorplan Editor

Maptician was built around a cloud-based map engine that allows you to easily draw, edit, and interact with a floorplan without any CAD or drafing experience.

Seat Assignments Manager

Keep all of your seating assignments up-to-date quickly and easily with drag-and-drop assignments and moves. Delegate and restrict permissions to empower managers on the ground to help keep assignments current.

Select individuals from searchable lists of available occupants and simply drag them to the desired location. Restrict a seat or zone's occupants to a specified department or group. Get onscreen guidance on which seats are available for each occupant.

Easily export or print a map with current assignments and profile images, or get an updated seat assignment list or seat change report.

Seat Assignments Manager
Scenario Planner

Scenario Planner

Create scenarios to model seat assignments, furniture/workstation arrangement, or even architectural build-out alternatives. Branch off new scenarios at any time to create additional views and options to optimize your space.

Easily compare metrics and layouts across different scenarios to identify strengths and weaknesses of different approaches. Visualize seating arrangements by department, seat type, usage type, or occupancy. Collaborate with stakeholders to find your ideal office scenario.

Scenarios are only visible to adminsitrative users until they are "implemented" as a live floorplan which is then reflected immediately within the application and available to all users.

Desk Reservations / Hotel Seating

Maptician includes a built-in seat and room reservation system that allows your office occupants to find and reserve a hotel workstation from a browser or mobile device. Administrators can easily convert a seat to be a reservable workstation and users will immediately gain access to it and be able to make reservations without any additional steps, this allows open seating to be more productively used.

Maptician maps and directories immediately reflect any display current reservations. When there is a current reservation for a workstation, the reserver's name and profile image will display on the map, along with the duration and next availability. Additionally, the individual's directory profile will provide a live link to their reserved map location, allowing coworkers to find people, even in hotel/flex seating environments.

Customizable Dashboards

Maptician provides a flexible dashboard system that gives users access to 20+ dashboard widgets, giving convenient access and insight into the various facets of an organization's office locations. Dashboard widgets include both administrative views, such as capacity utilization, seat availability, or cost/efficiency metrics, as well as general-user targeted features such as reservations, office events/bulletin, and informative interactive thumbnail maps.

Users can customize the composition and layout of their dashboard areas, and administrators can control users' access to the various widgets through group-based permissions. The ensures that users only have access to the information and offices that their role is authorized for.

Analytics & Reporting

Maptician provides several "Analytics Views" that allow administrative users to visualize and explore office and occupancy data. Views can be adjusted in real time to focus on combinations of geography, department, timeframe, or several other data options. Maptician allows you to see trends in space utilization and cost, along with providing trend-based predictions on when an office will be at full capacity, or whether you are likely to run out of space before your lease's end.

Additionally, Maptician includes more than 20 reports with drill-down and map-linked data fields. Determine which workstations are available in an office, or which locations have the lowest effective cost per occupant. Maptician provides insights into your space that will help you to make proactive decisions, identify inefficiencies, allocate space and costs across even large portfolios of office locations.

Floorplan Editor

CAD applications are generally expensive, difficult to learn, and time-consuming to use. Maptician removes these pain points by including its integrated, cloud-based floorplan editor as part of the standard subscription.

Maptician’s custom-built map creation tool allows non-technical users to create accurate and detailed floorplans quickly and easily. The map engine automatically calculates areas and distances, and allows for both drag-and-drop placement and manipulation, as well as measurement-based fine tuning.

Create unlimited maps and easily add interactive elements such as seats/hotel workstations, reservable rooms, zones, furniture, and points of interest. Automatic versioning means you can always restore previous map versions and allows you to edit with confidence. Export to pdf or print to most paper sizes and architectural scales.

How It Works

Ever design an office floorplan or seating chart for a new office, move, or space audit?
In our experience, this has historically been a time consuming and manual effort, with the result becoming out-of-date nearly as soon as it's complete.

Rather than periodically producing a static document to be emailed as a pdf or filed away never to be seen again, Maptician's goal is to turn office floorplans into useful, living documents. These floorplans can be accessed throughout an organization and turned into actionable data for real-estate/lease planning, office space management, budgeting, HR policy planning, and employee engagement.

Create Your Office Floorplans

Maptician offers companies several setup options. Initial floorplans can be uploaded from compatible CAD files or created entirely through Maptician's web-based map editor. Create seperate linked floorplans for suites or floors within an office. Architectural elements are created through an easy drag and drop interface while measurements are shown as you draw. Account for every square inch, or just the big picture, the choice is yours. Maptician can also help turn just about any source into a visually appealing and interactive floorplan map.

Assign Occupants

Manage your employee list and drag and drop occupants into available seats. Restrict assignments by office, department, or by customizable zone. Mark seats or rooms as reservable to instantly enable Maptician's built-in hoteling/reservation feature. Always know where each person is, even in a hoteling or flex environment.

Monitor and Manage

Easily see when an office's capacity is reaching its limits. Identify areas with high growth, or those that consistently have unutilized space. Maptician's reporting and analytics provides the tools to optimize your space and get the most out of your facility investment. Give each occupant a permission restricted user profile, allowing them to use Maptician's visual directory, reservations, and a host of other features, both on web and mobile.

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Maptician News

Tech Alpharetta
Graduation Day

Maptician is the 10th Graduate of Tech Alpharetta's Innovation Center, a flourishing tech startup incubator that is home to more than 50 tech startups.

Maptician Care Initiative

Maptician has adapted a version of its space management platform to help homeless shelters and other community organizations during the COVID-19 crisis. It is available to small organizations through 2020 free of charge.

Maptician's Team

With decades of experience in software development, software services, and operations management, Maptician's founding team consists of software entrepreneurs Paul and Nick Eurek, and John Wichmann. All three were previously executives at Xpanxion LLC, a software services provider founded by Paul Eurek. Maptician was built to be the tool the team wishes they had while growing Xpanxion from a startup to a business spanning several states and two countries. With a focus on modern and highly responsive software, and an approach informed by managing fast growing and dynamic businesses, the Maptician team is focused on providing organizations of all sizes with an affordable solution to gain visibility into and get the most out of their office space.

Paul Eurek


John Wichmann


Ariana Keller

Lead Technical Designer

Amy Frisby

Director of Client Services and Implementation

Nick Eurek


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